Split tattoos exist as long as tattoo exist. A unique design cut in two (or more) pieces, tattooed in two (or more) different parts of the body, and even on different persons …

Either in a humorous goal ( hidden messages on knuckles, two-faced characters ) or artistic purpose, they symbolize the ambivalence of the human being, his complexity and link to others. Split tattoos are often found in symmetrical limbs such as hands, forearms, feet and legs, but artist working on optical effects have succeeded in using whole bodies to display their designs.

Split tattoos can also be a very bold move toward commitment to a relationship, from family to friends and of course, the risky couple tattoo. It is perhaps not a good idea to share an intricate tattoo with someone if you start arguing any time you have to pick a movie … But if you think love is going to last, what could be more romantic than a tattoo that can only be readable if you are touching each other ? German Tattoo Artist Little Swastika have gained some fame with his impressive pieces needing more than two persons to be complete.

Want to show some love to a significant other or just to yourself ? Take a look a these 50 terrific connecting tattoos, from old school to dotwork, tribal to abstract, tenderness to epicness …

Little Swastika (2)

Little Swastika (5)

Little Swastika (4)

Little Swastika (3)

Little Swastika (1)

Fan of the neo-tribal abstract work of Little Swastika or not, you have to admit this is impressive.

Luka Musil

Minimalistic abstract tattoo by Luka Musil.


Maika Houde

Work in progress and result of this stunning connecting couple tattoo by Maika Houde.

Z (4)

Friendship tattoo.

Z (25)

Conceptual !

Z (12)

When knuckles tattoos are revealing a strong meaning.


A bridge between two friends, brothers or lovers. By Xoil.

Xoil 2

Xoil (3)

Xoil (2)

Xoil (1)

Other split tattoos by French tattoo artist Xoil.


Roxx 2

Roxx (1)

Gorgeous work by Roxx.


Chaim Machlev

Chaim 2

Chaim Machlev (2)

Geometrical work by Chaim Machlev of Dotstolines.

Z (27)

Z (11)

Z (8)

Z (9)

Mandalas are great for split tattoos and very elegant on feet.

Thomas Hooper

Here by Thomas Hooper.

Kris Davidson

Kris Davidson.

Dilon Forte


Amazing pieces by Dillon Forte !

Z (20)

Nice geometrical connecting tattoo.

Boff Konkerz

Thumbs tattoos by Boff Konkerz.


Traditional Japanese also fits when it comes to split tattoos. Gorgeous piece by Fabio Gargiulo.

Z (23)

Polynesian tribal tattoo.

Jubss Lili Contraseptik

Great piece by Jubss Lili Contraseptik.

Daniel Meyer

Wings by Daniel Meyer.

Z (13)

Tribal version.

Kenji Alucky

The design doesn’t change if she closes her hand ! :)

Hans Pasztjerik

Old school hand skull by Hans Pasztjerik.

Z (24)

Old school split shark !

Z (26)

Amazing dagger on fingers ! :o

Marco Galdo

Two example of the impressive work of Marco Galdo.

Z (16)

A clever placement for this tattoo, reminding to its owner not to sink !

Marina Alex

Cross tattoo by Marina Alex.

Z (22)

Butterfly tattoos, of course, are making great symmetrical split tattoos on hands.

Z (1)

Love this one !


Two-faced character by Nick.

Z (14)

Many tattoo designs are continuing in the other leg or arm.

Cupcake girl

Split cupcake tattoo :)


Very cute friendship tattoo !