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40 Flawless Geometric Tattoos

Geometry is quickly invading the world of tattoo. But if geometric tattoo designs can be perfect on a wall or a canvas, there are a bit more risky

NFL Tattoo

NFL Tattoos: Are you ready for some INK?!

Are you ready for some football? How about some NFL tattoos? HELL YES. As the season finally kicked off over the weekend, we saw some

September 22, 2014 Art, Article

Thank You for the Venom: MCR Tattoos

We all have that one band we listen to at thirteen or fifteen and they manage to blow our minds and leave their music with

Autographed Pennywise by Jerry Pipkins... Brrr!

40 Stephen King Inspired Tattoos

Stephen King. Do I need to introduce the king of horror literature much more? I am one of his numerous readers and perhaps are you


The Ironman who Survived Cancer and Proposed

On October 17th, 2010, Martin was diagnosed with cancer. Up until then, Martin had been quite healthy and prided himself on his endurance skills, particularly

September 19, 2014 Article, Inspiration, Tattoo ideas, Top 20

Taking 3D Tattoos To A Whole New Level

People are always finding ways of making tattoos more interesting than they really are. We see it in our news feeds, while randomly scrolling through

September 18, 2014 Article
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Dos and Don’ts of Tattoos

The thought of getting your first tattoo is pretty exciting, and for those veterans the thought of your twenty-first tattoo is probably just as exciting.

September 17, 2014 Article
Great winged hourglass on Laura Meekums, shot by Stuart Mitchell.

35 Urgent Time Tattoos

The clock is ticking for all of a us and we’re all going to the same place… Depressing? Not at all, just a good reminder

skull tattoo by Carlo - The Tattoo Zone

20 tattoos done by Belgian Tattoo Artists

So, Belgian tattoo artists, are they any good? Well of course they are! I would like to take the opportunity to show you guys the


Life is mostly freehand – watercolor animals by Jay Freestyle

“Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamp, and the roses grow without thorns.” Jay Freestyle captures his beautiful pieces of art