15 Fun & Amazing Ear Tattoos

Are you heavily tattooed and running out of space?! Well, how about tattooing your ears?! Lol. Seriously, these are amazing! Not everybody gets their ears

Gakkin video

Breathtaking Video Of Freehand Tattoo Artist “Gakkin” & The Sexy Model Aimi

Video of tattoo acts are flowing on internet, capturing the art and special magic of getting a tattoo with slow motion effects. But when tattoo


18 Sharp & Handsome Gentlemen Tattoos

In line with Movember (November is moustache month!), we’ve compiled some really slick, bright & bold tattoos to celebrate the Men in our lives. We’ve

Tattoo by Tony @ Dermagraffiti Liverpool

“Tattoos for Girls!”… Are they really?

It’s not a secret that the battle for Gender Equality is an ongoing issue in modern society. However as time has progressed, it is being

Laukis (15)

Experience the Experience

Freedom is a state of mind. Express yourself. Dare to be who you are, and express that individuality in the art you choose to place

November 20, 2014 Article, Info

Myths About Tattooed Mothers

Well, this is my very first blog and in all honesty I am a little concerned I won’t be any good at it? But hey,

November 19, 2014 Art, Article, Inspiration

15 Beautiful & Timeless Compass Tattoos

Hear ye space travelers, adventurers, explorers & lovers of Life! We bid you the best journeys and memorable undertakings. And with that, let these be


Are these 7 tattoos “girly”?

So what exactly are girly tattoos? I mean, that’s kinda overrated because I honestly believe that having a bad ass tattoo covering a big part

November 19, 2014 Article, Inspiration, Tattoos for women

Polynesian Tattoos: your own spiritual armor suit

At first sight, the tribal style of polynesian tattos, looks like an amazing, and such complicated composition of symbols, fitting like a bodysuit. And that’s


How To Get Your Perfect Tattoo Design: Must-Read for Tattoo Virgins

Let’s face it: everyone has, at some point, flirted with the idea of getting a tattoo (that is, if you don’t have one already!). You

November 18, 2014 Article