Dark to Light: transforming lives one tattoo at a time, Part I

There is a fact out there that we need to face, and that fact is-tattoos are awesome. I know all of us at Tattoodo appreciate

"Keep Smiling" by unkown artist. Location, location... Pay attention to where you put your tattoo, it is better when it follows the shapes and moves of your body.

20 Inspiring Lettering Tattoos

Tattoos are associated with drawings, but another trend is leading it toward more literary content: the Lettering. Lettering tattoos are not as simple as they


Tattoo Warfare: U.S. Army vs. Tattoos

Way back in March, The army decided to tighten up its policy with regards to tattoos. After doing some research, I’ve found that the U.S.

September 24, 2014 Article, Info
Adorable small thigh tattoo by Artu Ditu of Badaku, Croatia!

20 Pretty Merry-go-round Tattoos

An old childhood memory, perhaps from a perfect day at funfair? Merry-go-round tattoos are spreading feminine tattoos these days… Not that boys hate carousels (the other

Photo by @PerroSatan Instagram

What tattoo style are you getting?

Many have considered taboo and others want to know more about it, an art full of love and hate, but interested people should not take

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Simple yet effective... and sexy!

40 Flawless Geometric Tattoos

Geometry is quickly invading the world of tattoo. But if geometric tattoo designs can be perfect on a wall or a canvas, there are a bit more risky

NFL Tattoo

NFL Tattoos: Are you ready for some INK?!

Are you ready for some football? How about some NFL tattoos? HELL YES. As the season finally kicked off over the weekend, we saw some

September 22, 2014 Art, Article

Thank You for the Venom: MCR Tattoos

We all have that one band we listen to at thirteen or fifteen and they manage to blow our minds and leave their music with

Autographed Pennywise by Jerry Pipkins... Brrr!

40 Stephen King Inspired Tattoos

Stephen King. Do I need to introduce the king of horror literature much more? I am one of his numerous readers and perhaps are you


The Ironman who Survived Cancer and Proposed

On October 17th, 2010, Martin was diagnosed with cancer. Up until then, Martin had been quite healthy and prided himself on his endurance skills, particularly

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