15 Lego Tattoos That Will Make You Go “Everything is Awesome”!!

When I was a kid I loved LEGO. And now? I still love them!!! Love them enough to get some LEGO ink, you ask? Why, of

March 04, 2015 Tattoo ideas
Elegant feet tattoos by Delphine Noiztoy.

15 Stunning Pointillism Tattoo

Pointillism tattoos are the heirs of two different types of arts. First, the traditional hand-poke tattoo art, and then the pointillism, an artistic technique of

March 04, 2015 Tattoo ideas
made by Rose Hardy

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS – 18 Bold & Beautiful Lady Heads by Rose Hardy

If one were to type “Girl Head Tattoo” into a search engine they would likely find a couple thousand results… from classic American Traditional, to Neo

March 04, 2015 Tattoo artists

5 Tattoos of Memorable U.S. Presidents

Possibly the most powerful person in the world the President of America is a position only a select few will ever hold and popular or

March 03, 2015 Tattoo ideas
Spring is finally coming back, and swallows too! Pretty side tattoo by L'Oiseau.

12 Subtle and Dainty Nature Tattoos

You have enjoyed our article on elegant and discreet tattoos, so we have collected more, with a focus on Nature tattoos. Nature is full of tiny

March 03, 2015 Tattoo ideas

Bullying Victim Tattoos Her Scarred Face Back to Normal

This is the story of how Samira Omar, who suffered a horrific bullying attack that scarred her permanently, received the incredible opportunity to return to normal

March 03, 2015 Article


So this is new…I just stumbled upon this butt/anal OCTOPUS tattoo…. I don’t know what to say except that it belongs to Daizha Morgann, who according to

March 03, 2015 Funny tattoos

13 Unbelievable Tattoos That Will Mess You Up…Permanently!

By now everybody should know that the Internet is completely flooded with tattoos. Whether they are elegant, awesome, weird, or absolutely insane, they facinate us and inspire us

March 03, 2015 Tattoo ideas
Dainty tattoos can be very sensual. Here by Marie Roura of Epure Atelier.

12 Ideas for Refined Spine Tattoos

In many pain charts made by tattoo collectors, spine tattoos are ranking high, and yet, they are still very popular, proving that pain and potential

March 03, 2015 Tattoo ideas
Nice placement and creativity in this plexus tattoo by Szabi...

15 Mesmerizing Eye Tattoos

These past years, realistic eye tattoos have been a popular trend all over internet, allowing tattoo artists to display their best technical skills and creativity.

March 03, 2015 Tattoo ideas