Leg pieace from Rusvai Roland. look for him on google!

Remember who you are and what you did, get a maori tattoo done

In my previous article, we spoke about the polynesian style of tattos, but today, while we still remain into polynesian archipelago, we merge our self


Tattooed Professionals, What do you think?

So tonight I was doing the usual day off work let’s pretend I know how to use the internet stuff, when I managed to dust


The Inkspiration APP by P.INK: especially for Breast Cancer survivors

We salute all the lovely women of the world who fought & survived Breast Cancer (and those with all kinds of cancer). We know that


Tattooed Model Sara X Wiggles Boobs To Mozart (NSFW)

Who said that classical music and tattoos don’t mix!? Tattooed model Sara X posted this video of herself wiggling her breasts to a piece by Mozart. Now

November 26, 2014 Videos

13 Cute & Funny Where’s Waldo Tattoos

THE SEARCH IS OVER GUYS!!! We finally found him!!! Heard reports that he’s invaded the Tattoo world and he likes to stick to unusually silly

By Amy Jiao of Broken. Clever Tattoo in Tucson, AZ.

Pokémon Tattoos: Gotta Tatt ‘Em All!

Pokémon. They are the little monsters that can fit on tiny red and white balls that many of us were so fond of as kids.

by Champion Grubbs Champ tattoos at Guru in San Diego

25 Beautiful Ganesha Tattoos

“O, Elephant Faced One! You are so near and we are far from You. You are in and we are out; You are at home,


17 Colorful Crazy & Hilarious Simpsons Tattoos

WE LOVE THE SIMPSONS!!! They’re hilariously fun, crazy, screwed up, and so darn yellow! One can’t just finish an episode without having a good laugh.


15 Fun & Amazing Ear Tattoos

Are you heavily tattooed and running out of space?! Well, how about tattooing your ears?! Lol. Seriously, these are amazing! Not everybody gets their ears

Artist unknown

15 Beautiful Frida Kahlo Portrait Tattoos

 “I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my

November 21, 2014 Art, Portrait tattoos, Tattoo ideas