Amazing creative tattoo by Ien Levin: Genius!

30 Exquisite Whale Tattoos

Living in the depth of the oceans, this gigantic mammal has always been the source of men’s fascination, both positive and negative. Whales were, for

Oliver Peck, Owner, Elm St Tattoo

Oliver Peck’s 10 Best American Traditional Tattoos

Oliver Peck is an artist whose whole life revolves around tattooing. He began tattooing when he was just 19 years old in his hometown of


21 funny, beautiful & shocking armpit tattoos

Armpit tattoos get a lot of questionable comments and negative reactions. They can be really intimidating and too tough for some people. But we believe


Top 12 Ripped Athletes with Tattoos

Athletes are awesome. Tattoos are awesome. Ripped athletes with tattoos are DOUBLE-AWESOME!!! Here you get 10 amazing combinations of muscles and tattoos. What else could

August 28, 2014 Article, Tattoos for men

The legend of Sailor Jerry

Every tattoo artist on earth knows who is Sailor Jerry. If you really want a true classic tattoo, you’ll have to go back in time and

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30 Insanely Incredible hyper realism tattoos

We salute some of the world’s best hyper realism tattooers featured in this article for their true dedication to the craft, hard work, and unique


16 fun & awesome matching friendship tattoos

Our friends are our priceless treasures. Throughout the trials & tribulations of Life we gain some and lose some, but the true ones stick around.


16 Phenomenal Sugar Skull Tattoos

For centuries, the sugar skull has been an icon of the Mexican celebration Dia De Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead). Decorating molded sugar


20 Coolest Comic Book Inspired Tattoos

A comic book is a publication, first popularized in the United States in 1933. Comic Books have always had a place in our hearts and now

The lovely work of Erika Harris shot by Shira Stoll.

50 Poetic Origami Tattoos

Origami is an ancient traditional Japanese art (the name comes from the japanese ori ‘folding’ and kami ‘paper’). It consists in folding sheets of paper