Introducing MoodinQ: a programmable tattoo system

Here’s something for those who want Tattoos…….but not really. We present a brand new innovation called the MoodInQ—-a device that allows us to get tattoos

Laukis (16)

20 Realistic Tattoos by Benjamin Laukis

London is a far cry from Melbourne, Australia, where Benjamin Laukis is working and living. But for the 10th London Tattoo Convention, the rising star

That's what I call a fruits lover!

40 Fresh Fruits and Veggies Tattoos

The first thing that comes to mind when seeing someone heavily tattooed with fruits and veggies is : vegan. Indeed, vegan people loves to show


14 creepy & cute Alien & UFO tattoos

Are we really not alone? According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the human civilization has been aided & guided by foreign visitors from another planet,


Amazing Freehand tattoo by Carl Grace. No stencil, no drawing, just ink to skin. (video)

Check out this awesome freehand tattoo by Carl Grace. No stencil, no drawing, just ink to skin! Carl Grace is currently tattooing out of Las

October 24, 2014 Tattoo artists, Videos

20 cool & colorful astronaut tattoos

If you really think about it, we are all just space men. We concern our lives everyday with earthly duties such as work, deadlines, bills,


Will work for Ink

Oh the wonderful topic of tattoos in the workplace, said with a sarcastic sigh of course. This seems like a tiresome topic because tattoos are

I Love C***

15 Clever & Hilarious Tattoo puns

Who ever said tattoos had to be dead serious and full of deep meanings all the time? Some people think otherwise. It’s the fun of


15 Sick & Gruesome Horror movie tattoos

Every one of us has that memory of watching late night horror movies and then going chickenshit afterwards. No matter how we try, or how


6 Things To Think About Before Finding The Right Tattoo Design

It’s Your Tattoo Designing a tattoo is a complicated topic. Getting the right tattoo for each person is different. I will dip into the discussion

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