by Bobby Badfellow of Cool Cat Tattoo in Oakland Park, FL

[NSFW] 40 Dick Tattoos That Will Make You Go WTF

We’ve shown you the most ridiculous tattoos and so far, they just keep coming (that was a terrible pun, I’m sorry). Here we are again, back


Top 5 Ultimate Best Tattoos Ever Amazing Nuts You Won’t Believe!

This is a guaranteed mind-blowing tattoo viewing experience… ready??? Ok, here we go! 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!! 1. The Best Clock Tattoo Ever 2.


New Tattoo Ink Can Be Removed In Seconds Painlessly!

This is a crazy video of a new tattoo ink that can be removed with a special refracted light in just a few seconds! The

Tattooed Couple

Why Being In A Tattooed Couple Rocks!!!

Having things in common with your other half always helps to maintain a healthy relationship. You can share interests in films, books, food and sports


Tattoo Artists You Really Should Get to Know: Nissaco

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon the works of an insanely skilled artist who goes by the moniker Nissaco. I was blown away by

OMG! You could almost play with this vintage joystick tattoo by Niki Norberg!!!

15 Mind-Blowing 3D Tattoos

3D tattoos are raging on the internet, and everyday, more unbelievable masterpieces are released… 3D tattoos seem to be so real, they look like real


(NSFW) Sara X Does The Boob Dance Again: Easter Edition!

The lovely Sara X has done it again! The little bunny portrays an actual bunny and does her signature move (the boob dance!!!) to Edvard Grieg’s

The work of Nathan is giving amazing results and he enjoys posting healed pictures of his tattoos, showing that, yes, the white ink is fading but the effect is still very visible.

Color and White Ink Over Blackwork Tattoos

Have you ever heard of white ink over blackwork? People can get sick of their old crappy tattoos and, failing to find happy cover-ups, get the bold

Pigeon Traditional

10 Curious Pigeon Tattoos

Flying rat or cultured city bird? The debate over the social status of a pigeon is one any urban dweller will have had, love them


Memorial Tattoos: Ashes In The Ink!!!

With the passing of a loved one or someone close people often choose to commemorate the one they have lost in the ultimate way, with