20 cool & colorful astronaut tattoos

If you really think about it, we are all just space men. We concern our lives everyday with earthly duties such as work, deadlines, bills,


Will work for Ink

Oh the wonderful topic of tattoos in the workplace, said with a sarcastic sigh of course. This seems like a tiresome topic because tattoos are

I Love C***

15 Clever & Hilarious Tattoo puns

Who ever said tattoos had to be dead serious and full of deep meanings all the time? Some people think otherwise. It’s the fun of


15 Sick & Gruesome Horror movie tattoos

Every one of us has that memory of watching late night horror movies and then going chickenshit afterwards. No matter how we try, or how


6 Things To Think About Before Finding The Right Tattoo Design

It’s Your Tattoo Designing a tattoo is a complicated topic. Getting the right tattoo for each person is different. I will dip into the discussion

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12 Sexy Underboob tattoos

Underboob tattoos (properly termed as “Sternum” tattoos) are trending nowadays and it’s no surprise how it’s getting some attention. Some say it’s the new “tramp

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Interview of Cleo Wattenström

One of the main attraction at this year’s London Tattoo Convention was the booth of Swedish tattoo artist and tattooed model, the gorgeous Cleo Wattenström.

Cosmetic tattoos cancer

Breast Cancer and Tattoos

Today one in every 4 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. One in one thousand men will be diagnosed with breast cancer as well. That’s

Another tattoo artist that thinks you can only be well served by yourself is Roman Abrego, who did this self portrait.

18 Portrait Tattoos of Tattoo Celebs

Portrait tattoos are probably the most trending style right now, with portraits of children, loved ones, favorite celebrities… But as tattoo became trendy too, it


Tattoo Origins: Egypt

Evidence of tattooing can be found on almost every continent, and throughout the history of nearly every culture. The oldest known evidence of tattooing practices

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