13 Beautiful & Vibrant Cosmic Tattoos that are out of this world!

Perhaps the most asked question is WHY. Why are we here? Who are we, really? Carl Sagan (renowned Astronomer, Author & Scientist) wrote: “The nitrogen

Gotta love zigzags... This optical illusion bodysuit could cause dizziness!

Dotwork Geometry Tattoos by Tomas Tomas

One of the most respected name of the geometric tattoo, Tomas Tomas is a team member of renown tattoo shop Into You, in London. Specializing


Freedom Tattoos: Life-changing Cover-ups of Prison Tattoos

The “Freedom Tattoos” project goal is to transform crude, hideous amateur tattoos made in prisons and juvenile detention centers into professional, socially well-perceived artistic tattoos,

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Poetic chestpiece by Aleksey Platunov.

15 Adventurous Planes and Aviator Tattoos

Ever dream to set off on an adventure? The biggest adventure of humans have always been the sky. Space, planes, who doesn’t have dream to

Having fun in the trees by Peter Lagergren.

15 Relaxing Sloth Tattoos

Party and business life is not for everyone. You didn’t choose the sloth life, but the sloth life chose you? We are not going to

Fen Shag

16 Trippy Geometric Chestpieces

Geometric tattoos are the big deal, these days, and the larger they get, the most admired they are in the tattoo community. Geometric tattoo masters


Crazy 3D Loch Ness Monster Drawing

Today we stumbled upon the drawings of VamosART, an artist who is extremely skilled at drawing illusions which make your mind believe the drawings are

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Watch Artist Jose Perez Jr do a Custom Freehand Skull & Sword Tattoo

Tattoo artist Jose Perez Jr shows off his incredible skill as he makes a custom Skull & Sword piece for a client, entirely freehand! What

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Using iPad as an X-Ray to Reveal Tattoos Under Clothes

It’s Winter, we know! So imagine all the tattoos that are totally covered up by those big coats right now. One man is trying to

January 21, 2015 Art

Woman Gets Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo

Have you ever heard the saying “Wear your heart on your sleeve”? Well, apparently this girl holds her friends in her heart, as she decided

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