Tattoo Artist implants magnets to keep his iPod in place

21-year-old Dave Hurban, tattoo artist and piercer at Dynasty Tattoo in Newfield, New Jersey, implants four magnets into his arm to hold his iPod Nano

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Professional Tattoo Etiquette Do’s & Dont’s

It takes two to tango—and it goes the same in creating a good tattoo. Getting a tattoo involves not just the Artist and his work,


20 Beautiful Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Leg Tattoos. They’re quite stunning. The legs are good spots to adorn with tattoos & plenty of space  for large work. For men, it completes

July 23, 2014 Article, Inspiration, Tattoo ideas

30 Badass Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon tattoos are undeniably popular, even if one could think inking your favorite cartoon character is something immature and that you would regret it. But

Nazareno Tubaro

40 Bold Blackwork Tattoos

Usually, tattoo lovers are distinguishing two types of tattoos: in color or in black and grey. But the roots of tattoo, in tribal precisely, are mostly made


Yes, I am a girl and I do have tattoos

Let me guess, you feel offended or you think I’m scummy? Oh, you just don’t like them? Well I’m glad I didn’t do this to

Amazing piece by Teresa Sharpe.

30 Fascinating Outer Space Tattoos

Have you ever wish, as a child or even an adult, to be a cosmonaut? Have you ever watched the stars in the sky on

EPIC. By Nick Broslavskiy too.

40 tattoos inspired by engravings and etchings

Have you already see one of those tattoos inspired by old engravings and etchings ? Close to linework and dotwork, they are making mysterious and elegant

Beautiful lacy sleeve by Susanne Yvonn Pettersen!

30 Refined Lace Tattoos

Lace : the best partner of feminity for centuries. Women have always been fascinated by this intricate fabric, and of course, men wouldn’t deny the power

by Saskia Chowles at Inka, Brighton, UK

20 Mehndi Inspired Tattoos

Mehndi or Henna is a paste that is bought in a cone shaped tube and is made into designs for men and women. It is also derived from

July 15, 2014 Art, Article, Inspiration