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Tattoo Artist: Nick Bertioli

Nick Bertioli only started tattooing since 2009 and already has what it take to make some of his colleagues jealous. This Canadian artist with a


20 Trippy & fun stoner tattoos. Happy 420!

HAPPY 420 GUYS!!! And Happy Easter too! Blaze it, praise it, and trip on these 20 Fun stoner tattoos!!! More facts, trivia & history along

Jim Sylvia

45 wicked mermaid tattoos

Mermaid tattoos are iconic in Tattoo History due to the heritage of sailors. This design has been widely used in American Traditional tattoo, and the

Dan Molloy

50 fun and cute animal tattoos

Animals are beautiful and thus are making beautiful tattoos. But they are also a way to express our humans feelings, to mock ourselves


25 Beautiful Tiger tattoos with facts, trivia & meanings

In Ancient Chinese history, the Tiger, being predators and hunters in nature, represents the masculine principle and is King of all animals


25 Amazing tattoos by Megan Massacre

If you didn’t know yet, the talented & beautiful miss MEGAN MASSACRE (tattoo star from TLC’s NY Ink & America’s Worst Tattoos) IS

Grisha Maslov 2

40 conceptual red ink tattoos

Red ink is suffering for years from a bad reputation. Deemed in the tattoo world as the color that causes the most allergic reactions and


25 Geekiest Gamer Tattoos

Don’t you miss those good old days as a kid when you worry and think about nothing else except how to beat the computer or


Tattoo Artist: Jondix

Since his beginning in 2001, Spanish tattoo artist Jondix has been watched closely by the tattoo world. This black and grey artist, inspired by Oriental

Z (4)

40 enticing peacock tattoos

The peacock, often chosed for big tattoo pieces with its tail and colors, is clearly a statement tattoo. Most often coveted by women, it carries