19 Perfect Portraits by Bob Tyrrell

Detroit born artist Bob Tyrrell has an incredible knack for making a portrait leap off the skin. Despite his relatively late entry into the tattooing

A good tattoo... but maybe someone should have talked to him about placement abit more!!

Dad Gets Child’s Portrait Tattooed On His Face!!!

Tattoos are permanent, that is the fundamental principle any time a person chooses to get one. Of course there will always be little niggling questions


Controversial Tattooed Barbie dolls: Was it right that they got banned?

We showcased beautiful tattooed hand-made dolls and munny toys done by various talented artists in the previous blogs and now let’s talk about the controversial


10 Inspirational Knuckle Tattoos

Describe yourself in two words. These people just nailed it. The Knuckles are a perfect place to get tattoos that serve as one’s principles in


11 Badass Tattooed Munny figures

The Munny is a blank, do-it-yourself toy made out of vinyl distributed by the american company Kidrobot for toy collectors and artists to decorate and re-sell.


20 Awesome Hand-made Tattooed Dolls

Hear ye, Doll collectors!!! If you love tattoos, toys, and enjoy art & being a kid-at-heart… then here’s something unique, original, one-of-a-kind and so much


25 Tasteful Behind the Ear Tattoos Part 1

Behind the ear tattoos seem to be more popular with the ladies. And we can see why; behind the ear is a perfect place to

A terrifying Marilyn Monroe vampire tattoo!!

20 Striking Vampire Tattoos

Vampires are the stuff of nightmares, undead mythical beings that exist to feed on the life of living creatures, usually by drinking their blood. The

Impressive mandala by Corey Divine!

Underboob Tattoos: Some of the Finest Part 4

Check Underboob Tattoos Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 for more stomach, solar plexus, sternum… In brief, the hot trend of what we call

It is a way to pay a tribute to family roots and culture. Here, inspiration for a Hungarian Matyo tattoo.

15 Splendid Embroidery Tattoos

Tattoo imitates all arts and crafts, so it is very natural to see embroidery tattoos. And the best thing about them (on top of being


Tattoo Guide #1 – Always bring Reference

So you’ve decided to get a new tattoo. Awesome. Maybe it’s your first or you’ve had a couple, and are keen on checking out a

tatuagem-hamsa-significado (8)

Hamsa: A História e os Significados Deste Lindo Amuleto

Já repararam como tudo que tem em nossa volta pode se transformar em arte? E o amuleto que vamos entender um pouco mais agora não