Cancer survivor Granny surprises family with a tattoo on her 90th birthday

It was indeed surprising how Canterbury granny Heather Brooks surprised her family (and wowed all of us!) by getting her first ever tattoo on her

Teya Salat

Ethnic Tattoo and its Influences

They are often called Tribal or Traditional. A more accurate term would be Ethnic tattoos. The roots of ethnic tattoo art can be found in numerous

Pregancy 08

Pregnancy and Tattoos.

Is it safe to get or have a tattoo during pregnancy? I had to write a blog about this, because one of my customers came

Facts Of Life For People With Tattoos

We are so proud to show off our tattoos! However, we’re also not human-coffee-table-books. Found via BuzzFeedYellow videos

December 16, 2014 Videos

Traditional Japanese tattoos and their history

We all know what amazing country, full of adorable, fascinating places and people Japan is, and maybe everyone has seen at least once a traditional

Tattoo by Foot

Born without ARMS, TATTOOS with his feet

December 14, 2014 Videos

I F****** Hate Christmas Shopping

Once again Christmas is coming. It a time for joy and laughter, for spending time with the family. It’s a time for hopeful children to

December 12, 2014 Guides

California Gold Tattoo

So many tattooers out there are doing so many wonderful tattoos. It can be addicting scrolling through endless images on watercolor or mandalas. You name


Stay connected: Tattoos that combine or have a part two

Connections make the world go round. The awesome thing about technology-when it works and doesn’t drive you crazy-is that it keeps us connected. Almost everyone

lady winter

Winter Wonderland Tattoos

King Winter Time for my favorite season: Winter! Get out your gloves, hat and (faux!) fur coats, it’s King Winter’s reign So if you’re happened